Adam Carr's guide to
The 2007 Australian federal election

The Senate: Northern Territory

At every election since it gained representation in the Senate in 1975, the Northern Territory has elected one Country Liberal Party Senator and one Labor Senator. It will do so again in 2007. The Northern Territory's Senators are Nigel Scullion (CLP) and Trish Crossin (Labor). The Greens candidate is Alan Tyley.


Northern Territory Senate Candidates

Group A: Citizens Electoral Council

Peter Flynn Vernon Work

Group B: Australian Labor Party

Trish Crossin *
Kim Hill

Trish Crossin

Group C: Australian Democrats

Duncan Dean
Joe Faggion

Group D: Country Liberal Party

Nigel Scullion *
Bernadette Wallace

Nigel Scullion

Group E: The Greens

Alan Tyley
Gregory Goodluck

Alan Tyley


Bernardine Atkinson


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