Adam Carr's guide to
The 2007 Australian federal election

Campaign News

Last polls: take your pick

Labor leads 54-46: Newspoll

Labor ahead in Wentworth: Nielsen

Labor leads in Tas seats: poll

Labor headed for 90 seats: Newspoll

Libs regain lead in Leichhardt: poll

3% swing to Labor in WA: Westpoll

Labor leads 54-46: ACNielsen

Coalition pork-barrelling exposed

Labor ahead in Page: poll

Solomon "too close to call."

Labor still leads in Herbert

Labor leads 55-45: Newspoll

Wentworth a 50/50 tie: Galaxy poll

Labor support at record high: Morgan poll

Labor leads in all Tas seats: poll

Labor leads 53-47: Newspoll

Labor maintains lead: Galaxy poll

Death of Peter Andren


About the election
The party leaders

The Election Pendulum

The House of Representatives: seat by seat
The Senate

Last polls: Labor leads 57-42 (ACNielsen), 54-46 (Morgan)
or 52-48 (Galaxy, Newspoll)

The election on YouTube
Galleries of candidates, ministers and shadow ministers
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Electoral and demographic maps

Many questions about the election can answered by visiting the AEC's
Frequently Asked Questions page.

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