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The 2007 Australian federal election

The Senate: Tasmania

In 2001 the Liberal Party won three seats: Senator Paul Calvert, Senator John Watson and Senator Richard Colbeck. Labor won two seats: Senator Sue Mackay and Senator Nick Sherry. The Australian Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown won the sixth spot. Senator Mackay resigned in 2005 and was replaced by Senator Carol Brown. These Senators face re-election in 2007. Senator Calvert, who had already announced his retirement, resigned in August 2007 and was succeeded by David Bushby. Senator Watson is retiring. The Liberal ticket is Senators Colbeck and Bushby and Don Morris. The Labor ticket is Senator Sherry, Senator Carol Brown and Catryna Bilyk. Senator Bob Brown is seeking a third term. The Family First candidate is Jacquie Petrusma. The Australian Democrats appear no longer to exist in Tasmania.

In 2004, the Liberals won three seats, gaining the seat vacated by the retiring independent Senator Brian Harradine, Labor won two seats, and the Greens won the last seat, a gain from Labor. The Liberals polled 46.1% of the vote (3.2 quotas), Labor polled 33.6% of the vote (2.3 quotas), and the Greens polled 13.3% (0.9 quotas). If this voting pattern is repeated, there will be no change in Tasmania's representation. Bob Brown is certain to be re-elected. Labor would require a substantial swing to win a seat from the Liberals.


Tasmanian Senate Candidates

Group A: What Women Want

Debra Cashion
Belinda Gleeson

Debra Cashion

Group B: The Greens

Bob Brown *
Andrew Wilkie
Sophie Houghton
Scott Jordan

Bob Brown

Group C:

Steve Martin
Karley Nelson

Group D: Australian Labor Party

Nick Sherry *
Carol Brown *
Catryna Bilyk

Nick Sherry

Carol Brown

Catryna Bilyk

Group E: Democratic Labor Party

Pat Crea
Joan Shackcloth

Group F: Liberal Party

Richard Colbeck *
David Bushby *
Don Morris

Richard Colbeck

David Bushby

Don Morris

Group G

Dino Ottavi
Mick Cook
Chris Smallbane

Group H

Robyn Doyle
David Hammond

Group I: Liberty and Democracy

Bede Ireland
Luke Hamilton

Bede Ireland

Group J: Citizens Electoral Council

Caroline Larner
Michael Phibbs

Group K: Family First

Jacquie Petrusma
Andrew Bennett
Betty Roberts

Jacquie Petrusma


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