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The 2007 Australian federal election

The Senate: Queensland

In 2001 the Liberal Party won two seats: Senator Ian Macdonald and Senator John Herron. The Nationals won one seat: Senator Ron Boswell. Labor won two seats: Senator John Hogg and Senator Claire Moore. The Australian Democrats Senator Andrew Bartlett, won the sixth spot. Herron resigned in 2002 and was replaced by Senator Santo Santoro, who was forced to resign in April 2007 following revelations of undisclosed share trading. The Liberal Party chose businesswoman Sue Boyce to succeed him. In August the Liberas and Nationals agreed on a joint Senate ticket, the first in Queensland since 1977, with Boswell in third position behind Macdonald and Boyce. The fourth Coalition candidate will be Liberal Mark Powell. The Labor ticket will be Senator Hogg, Senator Moore, and Mark Furner of the National Union of Workers. Senator Bartlett will be standing again. The lead Greens candidate is Larissa Waters. The lead Family First candidate is Jeff Buchanan. The former One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is also running, but is unlikely to get more than the 4% she got in 2004. The One Nation candidate is Ian Nelson. Phil Johnson is running for the Climate Change Coalition. The Socialist Alliance candidate is Sam Watson. A former National, James Baker, is running as an independent.

In 2004, the Liberals won three seats and the Nationals one, while Labor won two seats. As expected, the Nationals' Barnaby Joyce defeated the One Nation Senator Len Harris, but it was the Liberals' unexpected success in taking Democrat Senator John Cherry's seat that gave the Coalition government a majority in the Senate. The Liberals polled 38.3% of the vote (2.6 quotas) and the Nationals polled 7.8% (0.5 quotas). Labor polled 31.6% of the vote (2.2 quotas), the Greens polled 5.3% (0.4 quotas) and the Democrats polled 2.2% (0.2 quotas). It seems certain that Bartlett will be defeated. His seat could go to the third Labor candidate or the Green candidate. If there any swing to Labor, the Coalition will not be able to repeat its feat of 2004 in winning four seats. Queensland is the Greens' weakest state, and they will need either to increase their primary vote substantially or gain preferences from the Liberals to win a seat. If the Labor primary vote approaches 40%, Labor can win the final seat on Green preferences. The most likely result on present indications is Labor three, Liberals two, Nationals one.


Queensland Senate Candidates

Group A: What Women Want

Anne Bousfield
Sonya Beute

Anne Bousfield

Group B: Liberty and Democracy

John Humphreys
Joseph Clark

John Humphreys

Group C: Climate Change Coalition

Phil Johnson
Steve Posselt

Phil Johnson

Group D: Carers

Felicity Maddison
Robert Gow

Felicity Maddison

Group E: Senator On-Line

Ben Peake
Sharon Bateson

Ben Peake

Group F: Socialist Alliance

Sam Watson
Amelia Taylor

Sam Watson

Group G: The Fishing Party

Bob Smith
Elizabeth Stocker

Group H: Family First

Jeff Buchanan
Beryl Spencer
Merlin Manners
Cathy Eaton
Shaun Hart
Elizabeth Benson-Stott

Jeff Buchanan

Group I: Australian Democrats

Andrew Bartlett *
Sharon Neill

Andrew Bartlett

Group J: Liberal Party / The Nationals

Ian Macdonald (Liberal) *
Sue Boyce (Liberal) *
Ron Boswell (The Nationals) *
Mark Powell (Liberal)
David Goodwin (The Nationals)
Scott Buchholz (The Nationals)

Ian Macdonald

Sue Boyce

Ron Boswell

Group K

Richard Hackett-Jones
John Rivett

Group L: The Australian Shooters Party

Paul Feeney
Allen Hrstich

Group M: The Greens

Larissa Waters
Anja Light
Darryl Rosin

Larissa Waters

Group N

David Couper
Michael Brown

Group O: Australian Labor Party

John Hogg *
Claire Moore *
Mark Furner
Diana O'Brien

John Hogg

Claire Moore

Mark Furner

Group P: Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party

Kevin Collins
Dave Donald

Kevin Collins

Group Q: One Nation

Ian Nelson
Lew Arroita

Ian Nelson

Group R: Pauline’s United Australia

Pauline Hanson
David Saville

Pauline Hanson

Group S: Citizens Electoral Council

Jan Pukallus
Maurice Hetherington

Group T: Christian Democratic Party

Linda Brice
Malcolm Brice

Group U: Non-Custodial Parents Party

Bill Healey
Doug Thompson

Group V: Democratic Labor Party

Noel Jackson
Brian Dowling


Katrina Alberts
Martin Rady
James Baker
Louis Fitzgerald-Baker
John Duggan
Pilly Low
James Reid
Marsileo Traversari
Leo Demarchi
Robin Petersen

James Baker


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