Adam Carr's guide to
The 2007 Australian federal election

The Senate: Australian Capital Territory

At every election since it gained representation in the Senate in 1975, the Australian Capital Territory has elected one Liberal Senator and one Labor Senator. It will probably do so again in 2007, although it is possible if there is a big swing against the Liberals that Labor could win 67% of the vote and thus take both seats, or that the Greens' Kerrie Tucker could be elected. The ACT's Senators are Gary Humphries (Liberal) and Kate Lundy (Labor). The second Labor candidate is Peter Conway. The Democrat candidate is Norvan Vogt.


ACT Senate Candidates

Group A: Australian Labor Party

Kate Lundy *
Peter Conway

Kate Lundy

Peter Conway

Group B: Australian Democrats

Norvan Vogt
Anthony David

Norvan Vogt

Group C: The Greens

Kerrie Tucker
Elena Kirschbaum

Kerrie Tucker

Group D: Nuclear Disarmament Party

Dr Michael Denborough
Erica Denborough

Group E: Liberty and Democracy

Lisa Milat
Chris Textor

Group F: Liberal Party

Gary Humphries *
Jacqui Myers

Gary Humphries

Group G: What Women Want

Emma Davidson
Shannon Morris

Group H: Climate Change Coalition

Michael Fullam-Stone
Andrew Gee


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