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The 2007 Australian federal election

The Senate: South Australia

In 2001 the Liberal Party won three seats: Senator Robert Hill, Senator Jeannie Ferris and Senator Grant Chapman. Labor won two seats: Senator Penny Wong and Senator Linda Kirk. The Australian Democrats Senator Natash Stott Despoja won the sixth spot. Senator Hill resigned in 2006 and was replaced by Senator Cory Bernardi. Senator Ferris, who was intending to retire at this year's election, died in April 2007. The casual vacancy caused by her death was filled by the number two candidate on the Liberal ticket, Simon Birmingham. These Senators face re-election in 2007. Senators Stott Despoja is retiring, while Senator Kirk has lost her preselection. The Liberal ticket is Senators Bernardi, Birmingham and Chapman (who has been in Parliament since 1975 without ever leaving the backbench). The Labor ticket is headed by the powerful Shop Distributive Employees Association (SDA) official Don Farrell, followed by Senator Wong and Cathy Perry. The lead Green candidate is Sarah Hanson-Young. The lead Democrat candidate is Ruth Russell. The lead Family First candidate is Tony Bates. The One Nation candidate is Mark Aldridge. In October independent state MP Nick Xenophon announced his candidature. Given his very high state profile, he must be given a good chance of winning a seat.

In 2004, the Liberals and Labor both won three seats, with Labor defeating the former Democrats leader Senator Meg Lees to win the last seat. The Liberals polled 47.4% of the vote (3.3 quotas), Labor polled 35.6% of the vote (2.5 quotas), the Greens polled 6.5% (0.5 quotas), the Democrats polled 2.3% (0.2 quotas). If the 2004 voting pattern is repeated, Stott Despoja's seat will go to Labor. If Xenophon is elected, it will probably be at the expense of the Liberals.


South Australian Senate Candidates

Group A: One Nation

Mark Aldridge
David Dwyer

Mark Aldridge

Group B

Brian Paterson
A Brook

Group C: Christian Democratic Party

Bruno Colangelo
Noelene Hunt

Group D: Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party

Neil Armstrong
Paul Tippins

Neil Armstrong

Group E: The Australian Shooters Party

John Hahn
Basil Borun

Group F: The Greens

Sarah Hanson-Young
Nikki Mortier
Matt Rigney

Sarah Hanson-Young

Group G: National Party

Rob Howard
Mark Cuthbertson

Rob Howard

Group H: Democratic Labor Party

Garry Hardy
David Mccabe

Group I: Liberal Party

Cory Bernardi *
Simon Birmingham *
Grant Chapman
Maria Kourtesis

Cory Bernardi

Simon Birmingham

Grant Chapman

Group J: What Women Want

Emma Neumann
Morag McIntosh

Emma Neumann

Group K: Australian Labor Party

Don Farrell
Penny Wong *
Cathy Perry

Don Farrell

Penny Wong

Cathy Perry

Group L: Climate Change Coalition

Colin Endean
Vidas Kubilius

Group M: Citizens Electoral Council

Martin Vincent
Paul Siebert

Group N: Senator On-Line

Joel Clark
Courtney Clarke

Joel Clark

Group O: Socialist Alliance

Renfrey Clarke
Liah Lazarou

Renfrey Clarke

Group P: Australian Democrats

Ruth Russell
Max Baumann
Richard Way

Ruth Russell

Group Q: Family First

Tony Bates
Toni Turnbull
Colin Gibson

Tony Bates

Group R: Liberty and Democracy

David McAlary
Mark Hill

David McAlary

Group S

Nick Xenophon
Roger Bryson

Nick Xenophon


Stewart Glass
Michelle Drummond


Senators serving until 2011


Mary Jo





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