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Australian federal election, 2 July 2016
Senate election, South Australia

(See NSW / Vic / Qld / WA / Tas / ACT / NT)

Senators up for election in 2019:

  • Senator Hon David Fawcett (Liberal)
  • Senator Alex Gallagher (Labor)
  • Senator Lucy Gichuhi (elected as Family First, now Liberal)
  • Senator Sarah Hanson-Young (Greens)
  • Senator Hon Anne Ruston (Liberal)
  • Senator Tim Storer (retiring)
  • Senators serving until 2022:

  • Senator Cory Bernardi (elected as Liberal, now Aust Conservative)
  • Senator Hon Simon Birmingham (Liberal)
  • Senator Hon Don Farrell (Labor)
  • Senator Stirling Griff (Centre Alliance)
  • Senator Rex Patrick (Centre Alliance)
  • Senator Hon Penny Wong (Labor)
  • Comment:

    The big unknown in SA is how much of the former Nick Xenophon Team’s vote will pass to the new Centre Alliance, without Xenophon’s high personal profile. NXT polled 1.52 half-Senate quotas in 2016, which might be enought to elect two Senators at a half-Senate election, but it seems highly unlikely that CA can repeat this feat without Xenophon's brand, and without even a sitting senator on the ticket.

    At the 2016 election, the Liberals polled 2.28 half-Senate quotas, Labor polled 1.91 half-Senate quotas, and the Greens polled 0.41 half-Senate quotas. All three parties lost votes (and seats) to NXT, and will be hoping to recover most of them this time. The Liberals and Labor will certainly win two seats each. The Greens will probably win one, but this is far from certain. The Liberals and Labor will compete for the sixth seat. That would represent a gain of at least one for Labor, and possibly two. But if the CA vote holds up they could either prevent the Liberals winning three seats, or defeat the Greens' Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

    In early September Centre Alliance announced that former Senator Skye Kakoschke-Moore (who was knocked out over section 44) would be their lead Senate candidate, ending speculation that Xenophon himself might try to make a comeback. Kakoschke-Moore's successor, Senator Tim Storer, now an independent, announced his retirement in April.

    The other five outgoing Senators are recontesting their seats. The second Labor candidate, who is likely to be elected, will be Marielle Smith (right). The third candidate, who has some chance if the Greens fall short, is Emily Gore (left). Senators Anne Ruston and David Fawcett (both now frontbenchers) will head the Liberal ticket, with Adelaide City Councillor Alex Antic in third place and Gichuhi relegated to fourth.

    Candidates in ballot-paper order:

    Group A: The Great Australian Party
    Mark Aldridge Gary Matthews

    Group B: Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party
    Peter Manuel Tim Dwyer

    Group C: Centre Alliance
    Skye Kakoschke-Moore Craig Bossie

    Group D: Australian Democrats
    Tim Burrow Andrew Castrique

    Group E: Pauline Hanson's One Nation
    Jennifer Game Emma Illies

    Group F: Citizens Electoral Council
    Sean Allwood Paul Siebert

    Group G: Liberal Party
    Senator Hon Anne Ruston Senator Hon David Fawcett Alex Antic Senator Lucy Gichuhi

    Group H: Sustainable Australia
    Graham Davies Robyn Coleman

    Group I: Help End Marijuana Prohibition
    Angela Adams Matthew Iverson

    Group J: Australian Greens
    Senator Sarah Hanson-Young Major Sumner Gwydion Rozitisolds Robn Seto

    Group K: United Australia Party
    Kristian Rees Kerry Kovacs Sharon Hoskin

    Group L: Australian Conservatives
    Rikki Lambert Carl Teusner

    Group M: Shooters, Fishers and Farmers
    John Hahn Wayne Kirk

    Group N: Liberal Democrats
    Kimbra Ransley Stephen Humble

    Group O: Australian Labor Party
    Senator Alex Gallacher Marielle Smith Emily Gore Larissa Harrison

    Group P: Animal Justice Party
    Louise Pfeiffer Wendy Davey

    Michael Lesiw Brett O'Donnell Henry Cox

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