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From May 1999 to March 2022 this was the largest, most comprehensive and most up-to-date archive of electoral information in the world, with election statistics from 182 countries. I have now discontinued my coverage of international elections, but the alphabetical index at left still links to electoral information about every country in the world. See also the link at the foot of this page. Since March 2022 I have been updating only the Australian sections of the Archive (although I may also include New Zealand and other close regional elections.)

This archive was founded in May 1999 by
Dr Adam Carr of Melbourne Australia

New: Members of the NSW Parliament since 1856

New: Members of the South Australian Legislative Council since 1857

New: Members of the Western Australian Parliament since 1890

New: Members of the Victorian Parliament since 1856

New: Members of the Queensland Legislative Council 1860-1922

New: Members of the Australian Senate since 1901

New: Members of the Australian House of Representatives since 1901

New: Members of the Tasmanian Parliament 1856-2023

New: Members of the Northern Territory Parliament 1974-2023

New: Members of the Australian Capital Territory Parliament 1989-2023

Aston by-election of 1 April 2023

Final first-preference votes showing a 6.4% swing to Labor.

New South Wales state election of 25 March 2023

Full candidate list, maps of the boundaries and a pre-election pendulum. Results coming soon

Victorian state election of 26 November 2022

Full results for both houses, plus maps and a pendulum. Full lower house preference counts now available.

Australian federal election of 21 May 2022

Full primary vote results and full preference counts for the House of Representatives and the Senate.

South Australian state election of 19 March 2022

Full primary results for both houses, plus a pendulum.

Archive of international elections 1999-2022