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The Australian Election Archive
Index of Referendums 1906-99

Section 128 of the Constitution stipulates that the Constitution may only be altered by referendum, and that a proposed alternation of the Constitution must receive the support of a majority of all electors voting, and a majority of votes in a majority of states, that is, four out of the six states. This is known as the "double majority."

Up to the 1919 referendum, the expression "turnout" refers to the number of ballot papers issued. For these referendums there is a discrepancy between this figure and the number of votes recorded, presumably the result of some voters receiving a ballot paper but not casting a vote. From the 1926 referendum the "turnout" figure refers to the sum of the formal and informal votes cast.

Referendum of 12 December 1906
Referendum of 13 April 1910
Referendum of 26 April 1911
Referendum of 31 May 1913
Referendum of 13 December 1919
Referendum of 4 September 1926
Referendum of 17 November 1928
Referendum of 6 March 1937
Referendum of 19 August 1944
Referendum of 28 September 1946
Referendum of 29 May 1948
Referendum of 22 September 1951
Referendum of 27 May 1967
Referendum of 8 December 1973
Referendum of 18 May 1974
Referendum of 21 May 1977
Referendum of 1 December 1984
Referendum of 3 September 1988
Referendum of 6 November 1999