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Adam Carr's Election Archive

Australian federal election, 2019
Division of Macarthur, New South Wales

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South-western Sydney: Bradbury, Campbelltown, Ingleburn, Leppington, Minto
State seats: All of Campbelltown, parts of Camden and Macquarie Fields
Local government areas: All of Campbelltown, parts of Camden
Enrolment at close of rolls: 119,152
1999 republic referendum: No 59.8
2018 same-sex marriage survey: Yes 52.1

Sitting member: Dr Michael Freelander (Labor): Elected 2016

2007 Liberal majority over Labor: 0.7%
2010 Liberal majority over Labor: 3.0%
2013 Liberal majority over Labor: 11.4%
2016 Labor majority over Liberal: 8.3%

Status: Fairly safe Labor

  • 2016 results
  • Statistics and history

  • Candidates:

    1. James Gent
    Christian Democratic Party
    2. Dr Michael Freelander
    Australian Labor Party
    3. Matt Stellino
    Animal Justice Party
    4. Shane Norman
    Pauline Hanson's One Nation
    5. Riley Munro
    Liberal Party
    6. Nathan Murphy
    United Australia Party
    7. Jayden Rivera
    Australian Greens

    Candidate websites:

    Dr Michael Freelander
    Riley Munro
    Jayden Rivera

    Division of Macarthur

    Macarthur was created in 1949, and has usually been located in the farming towns to the south-west of Sydney, although at different times at has been drawn into both the Sydney suburbs and the outskirts of Wollongong. Until the 1970s it was a fairly safe Liberal seat, while from 1984 to 1993, when it included parts of Wollongong, it was a safe Labor seat. Today it is once again a marginal, outer suburban seat, centred on Campbelltown and Ingleburn.

    Although Macarthur has a fairly high level of median family income, it also has very high levels of families with dependent children and of dwellings being purchased, making it a typical high-income mortgage belt seat. Its low level of people in professional and managerial occupations shows that it is an electorate of skilled workers and middle-class wage-earners raising families and paying mortgages.

    John Fahey, former NSW Premier and Finance Minister in the Howard Government, won Macarthur in 1996 and held it until 2001, when he retired. His successor, Pat Farmer, was a Parliamentary Secretary in the Howard Government's last term. He retired in 2010 after a falling out with the NSW Liberal Party and was succeeded by Russell Matheson, who greatly increased his majority in 2013. But the 2016 redistribution radically changed Macarthur, removing its rural areas and moving it northwards into Labor-voting suburban areas such as Eagle Vale and Minto. As a result, Matheson was defeated in 2016.

    Dr Michael Freelander, Labor MP for Macarthur since 2016, was well-known as a Campbelltown paediatrician for over 30 years. He was 63 at the time of his election, making hom one of the oldest first-time MPs in recent years. He gained an 11.7% swing in 2016 and now appears fairly secure.

    The Liberal candidate is Riley Munro, a disability support worker. The Greens candidate is Jayden Rivera, who works in the fast food industry.


    Median weekly household income: $1,573 (Australia $1,438)
    People over 65: 11.2% (Australia 15.8%)
    Indigenous: 3.6% (Australia 2.8%)
    Australian born: 66.0% (Australia 66.7%)
    Non-English-speaking households: 30.1% (Australia 22.2%)
    Catholics 29.6% (Australia 22.6%)
    Muslim 6.3%
    No religion 18.1% (Australia 29.6%)
    University graduates: 14.4% (Australia 22.0%)
    Professional and managerial employment: 24.8% (Australia 35.2%)
    Employed in manufacturing and construction: 27.7% (Australia 22.9%)
    Paying a mortgage: 42.0% (Australia 34.5%)
    Renting: 30.6% (Australia 30.9%)
    Traditional families: 42.5% (Australia 32.8%)


    Jeff Bate (Lib, Ind) 1949-72
    John Kerin (ALP) 1972-75
    Michael Baume (Lib) 1975-83
    Colin Hollis (ALP) 1983-84
    Hon Stephen Martin (ALP) 1984-93
    Chris Haviland (ALP) 1993-96
    Hon John Fahey (Lib) 1996-2001
    Hon Pat Farmer (Lib) 2001-10
    Russell Matheson (Lib) 2010-16
    Dr Mike Freelander (ALP) 2016-

    Boundaries following 2016 redistribution:

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