Adam Carr's guide to
The 2007 Australian federal election

Senators and Senate candidates on YouTube

Please let me know of any Senate YouTubes you see which are not included here.
I will not be listing hostile or satirical YouTubes.

Lyn Allison (Democrats, Vic)
Andrew Bartlett (Democrats, Qld)
Tony Bates (Family First, SA)
Bob Brown (Greens, Tas)
Jeff Buchanan (Family First, Qld)
Sarah Hanson-Young (Greens, SA)
Christine Milne (Greens, Tas)
Kerry Nettle (Greens, NSW)
Andrew Markwell (Family First, NSW)
Ian Nelson (One Nation, Qld)*
Patrice Newell (Climate Change Coalition, NSW)
Jacquie Petrusma (Family First, Tas)
Gary Plumridge (Family First, Vic)
Linda Rose (Family First, WA)
Ruth Russell (Democrats, SA)
Rachel Siewert (Greens, WA)
Lyn Shumack (Democrats, NSW)
Nick Steel (One Nation, Vic)
Kerrie Tucker (Greens, ACT)
Larissa Waters (Greens, Qld)

* Not a YouTube but too entertaining not to link to.

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